boycott mcdo..

the activist in me kept telling me to boycott all Imperialist companies and products, and i willfully did except for favorite fast food - McDonald's. when i got back here in Perth,the first place that I've been to was the McDonald's located at the ground floor of Myer's, in front of the train station in the city of Perth. God, how i miss the cheeseburger and big mac that comes with a very juicy and really palatable beef.

The McDonald's we have at home aren’t as good as the ones they have here. It says there on the wrapper that they use 100% pure Australian beef (and I could attest to that,it's true!really true!) instead of pork and of course, they’ve got fresh lettuce and cucumber placed on top of the beef that makes it more yummy.

i'm craving for one now..mmmm..