A1 Driving School

I have just concluded my 15 hours of driving at A1. I have enrolled with them last February at their Boni, Mandaluyong Branch but due to work and I've gone for a vacation as well this April, I wasn't able to attend to it daily. What is good with A1 is they're very flexible when it comes to schedules. No pressure on your part, A1 would gladly adjust everything for their students.

Have i learned from them? Definitely! A1 claims that they could teach anyone to drive in less than five hours of training and yes, i could attest to that, they could really do it. I thought my first session with Jeff as my instructor would be more of orientation on the parts or on the basics of driving. I was wrong. Ten minutes after we have reviewed the gas, clutch, brakes and how to start the car, i was already on the driver's seat manipulating the car with Jeff giving me all the instructions.

Prior to one's actual driving lessons, A1 normally gives an orientation held for two hours in various branches. I had mine at the Mall of Asia. The orientation was a thorough discussion on BLOWFATCH as well as the common errors a student driver commits. The lecturer also tells stories of previous experiences they had with other students which help us not to do the same thing.

For the actual driving, they'll teach you how to start the car properly (unlike what i've been doing), park (all kinds of parking), overtake, change lanes, and how to have enough confidence while driving. On my part, the confidence came after i have mastered everything. I was only brave while holding the wheels because i know my instructor has his own brakes infront of him. Another good thing with having my instructor is they're still in control with the turning of wheels. Most of my instructors have grabbed not only twice but maybe around five the steering wheel. That i think is where i still need to familiarize myself with. unless i intend to drive in the provinces, where the roads are quite wide,hehe

Among all the driving schools here in Manila, only A1 accepts credit cards. For those who couldn't pay in cash like me better try A1.

I'm thankful to Jeff, Vic, William, Richard and the other guy whom i forgot to ask the name, for having patiently sat beside me and bearing with all my hard-headedness and to Ms. Roxelle as well for being accommodating.

A1 is definitely worth recommending!


Anonymous said…
oh hi! i stumbled upon your blog when i searched about the orientation of A1 driving school. This is really informative and helpful so Thanks a lot~
Unknown said…
I am taking driving lessons to at Alpha and Omega Driving School. Great blog post!
Warrior Momma said…
Thank you for dropping by! Haven't tried alpha yet though..
Arthur Agostini said…
Wow great information about A1. I heard good things about them. Thanks for sharing.