popping thoughts

Blogging has never caught my attention before. I thought it was just one of those new web sites like myspace, multiply, tagged, bebo or youtube wherein one could upload photos, write short information about them or it was just another way of contacting long lost friends and relatives. I was wrong; blogging could be different, if we allow it to.

I started writing blogs out of boredom, though I do write I just thought publishing my thoughts where strangers could read is not appropriate and I wasn’t ready to be criticized and ridiculed for wrong grammars, punctuations and the like.

The first blog I wrote was a very short one. It has only four sentences, I think. After publishing that, I felt a sense of contentment. Why? During that time, I was alone at home for more than a month. There was no one to talk to after work. I busied myself doing research on the web and reading books but it would not suffice. I still long for a real communication - someone to listen to everything I say, answer my thoughts or give their opinions or disapprovals. I was longing for someone to interact with.

The first blog I made was sort of a release. A certain emotion has flown out of my chest and I felt I have connected to someone whom I don’t know. Whoever that person is it doesn’t really matter, as long as I know that, that someone listened to what I have said. From then on, blogging has served as an outlet for me. I do write down my thoughts before in a paper, no one to see nor read it. I threw it right after scribbling down my pent-up emotions, gone down the drain which didn’t help make me feel at ease at all. I was still worried and stressed out over things which have been burdening me for days and weeks. But blogging works entirely differently, whether there is someone going through my blogs or not, still I know someone listened to me and I felt good after composing it.

A few months later, I received a comment from one of my friends saying that she does read my blogs and that I should keep on writing. I was surprised and felt good about myself. I never realized someone would spend some time to go through what I have been writing. I wrote blogs simply for me but to be read and commented by others are pluses.

I was inspired to continue writing and until now I still do but this time with a far different goal, to improve my writing and to have a short story for kids published in my hometown. I still hope for that time to come…soon.