i find it amazing how other people could be very creative in coming up with various kinds of cartoon characters. from the usual disney characters that we have before - mickey mouse,cinderella,snow white,aladdin among many others have evolved into a much different level of cartoons nowadays.

have you ever wondered what a sponge would be doing in your child's cartoon movies? it's seems the yellow soapy sponge have gone from the usual dish washing paraphernalia into an amazing entertainer that lives under the ocean and could make friends not with a dishwashing liquid but with another entity.

last month, i was scouting for dvd's and vcd's to give to my nephew. the wide selection of cartoon movies has left me dizzy and not knowing what to get. do i prefer animals as characters, fictional characters like the witch or those things that suddenly has become world famous like sponge bob?

i felt that as a mature adult, there is a need for us to enlighten the children on importance of the lesson derived from the story. it doesn't matter what kind of characters are there but what could be squeezed out of the story which would serve as guide as they grow older.