shearing a sheep..the modern way

While touring the Caversham Wildlife Park last Sunday, we happened to have witnessed the modern process of shearing a sheep here in Australia. Gone are the days when farmers have to rely on big shears that they use manually to trim the fur of a sheep..whew! very tiresome..

here's the process:
1. pick a sheep that needs a trimming badly..

2. place it near the shears

3.the shearer uses the back support..

4. start trimming from the tummy as it is the dirtiest part

5. then proceed to the rest of the body..

the end product would be processed for wool, clothing and even for beauty products.

no animals were harmed during the making of this blog,hehe


Abi said…
Hi Doms! I want to visit AU. hihi, how are you? I will link you up in my site ok? :)