peking duck

our yellow brothers call it their Peking duck but for us, its the usual roasted duck.

in our search for a siopao last sunday, we have traveled a few suburbs just to have a feel of that white, soft- stuffed- with- a- cat’s- meat thingy that has been introduced and shared to us by some of our Filipino friends before.

we have relied mainly on the infos shared by them during our conversations, no concrete instructions were actually given. we tried pulling all the conversations we had and checked on the ever reliable google map for further help on the directions.

After a few lefts, rights and some U-turns, we were able to reach Spencer Foodcourt. it’s a place crammed with Asians and asian stalls as well. a wide range of food from thailand,indonesia,singapore and china (no philippines yet..sigh..) could be sighted there.

i went straight looking for that stall that sells siopao or steam buns. i relied mostly on the photos on their tarpaulins rather than reading the shop’s names as it would be easier for me to check whether they have siopao or not. as i started threading my way to the stalls, i thought i was lucky enough to find it easily, but i was wrong, i was looking at a photo of a cup of rice instead of a siopao. hehe

the shop is located at a corner, where there are huge bamboo steamers all over it. alas i could see the realization of a dominie eating a huge siopao… but too bad, their trading days are from mondays to saturdays only. the owner was there, but busy doing his usual sunday cleaning.
instead of getting frustrated, i got delighted when I saw the store’s name - it’s "Foo Kee"! nice name haha i forgot to bring my cam that day, i could have shared to you a glimpse of that shop.i hope to get a good shot of it when i get to be there again. i didn’t invent nor change the name..that was how it is..

to relieve ourselves of the disappointment for that siopao, we opted to have dinner in that place instead. of the many oriental foods around, i chose to have a roasted duck. i remember eating a very good one when i went backpacking in Singapore before and i thought since the people behind the counter looks Singaporean to me, they all look the same though..hehe they might give me that same experience of the roasted duck.

It took them twenty minutes to give the three servings of roasted duck. I had a more than a cupful serving of rice with it and my sister and brother-in-law opted to have the thin yellow noodles that slides-in-your-fork-when-you-eat-it. The noodles are appetizing. That alone could satisfy me. The rice and roasted duck costs $9.50 while the one with the noodles cost $9.00 only. Australia has increased their prices on rice as well, hehe

The well-cooked roasted duck was as expected, scrumptious. It comes in a very good serving, more than a quarter. I’m not good in describing tastes, so I couldn't really tell you how it was (I only know how to eat, hehe) but over-all, I liked it. It was a bit briny on the bottom part, the sauce might have accumulated there but nevertheless, it was very satisfying.


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thanks for making us share your moments
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