scary story

I’m not sure if it's a true story but it always gives me goose bumps when i relate it to other people. I first read this in a school paper years ago and i bet some of you have heard or seen this too. As for those who haven't, here you go:

In a hospital, a nurse just finished her shift and was about to go home. Tired and sleepy, she took the lift.

The lift stopped at another floor and a woman got in. The doors of the lift again opened on another floor, but as soon as the nurse saw the old man about to get in, she quickly pressed the close button.

The woman standing beside her asked, “Why did you close the lift? The old man wants to get in right?”

The nurse then said, “Did you notice the band tied on his hand? That’s what we put on the dead bodies on the morgue.”

“Just like this?” asked the woman as she raised her hand.