things i do while waiting

“Thornlie Line - 22 minutes - platform 4″ registers in my mind as i read it from the screen. That’s like half an hour. I thought of walking back to the CBD but then i might lose track of the time and miss my train. Besides,minutes of waiting wouldn’t be so bad.

I settled for a seat near platform 5 where i could see all the trains coming in and out of the train station. The view from there was fantastic. I could see the main entrance where people tag on and off using their smart rider cards ,others simply flip their tickets to the guards and some visitors asking for instructions from them. No one arguing so far.

I could see the young teen-age boys with their bikes and skateboards, the indian guys talking loudly in the background and some transit guards roaming the place.

As i seat here doing nothing, i came up with something else to do. Make a list of things do while waiting:

  • watch the busy Indians, Asians and Australians including the Aboriginals walking to and fro.
  • fix my hair
  • name the trains with odd names like slowdy thomas or spedsly
  • yawn
  • sneeze
  • compose a small poem
  • play with my mobile phone
  • send text messages
  • capture some photos
  • practice winking
  • eat cheese
  • write your name in air with your finger
  • hum my favorite song
  • fix my shoelaces
  • daydream
  • reminisce
  • walk around
  • strike a conversation with an old lady
  • read a book or the paper
  • think of tomorrow
  • listen to the voice-over announcements
  • observe the movements of birds
  • make a call
  • drink soda
  • go up and down the escalators