traveling as an educational tool

** my submitted article on under the topic, how travel can be used as an educational tool for children.

People who travel are very lucky and children who have the chance to go places are luckier. Children when exposed at a very young age tend to learn faster and easier from what they see and hear around them. Have you ever noticed how toddlers mimic our sounds, voices and every word we say? Remember how John Locke described the minds of children as a blank clean sheet of paper or the tabula rasa? I agree. The children's minds act like a sponge that absorbs what the senses could gather.

Here are the reasons why travelling can be a useful tool for learning.

I do believe that learning is not dependent nor be suppressed to the four corners of the classroom. In order to learn more, we go out to see, touch, hear and feel the lessons or what the teacher has been discussing. Such is the reason why we've got experiments, laboratories and even hands on crafts work in school.

In travelling, children could see new places that they've never been to. Travelling also entails entering into the world of nature. Animals, trees and flowers which are only seen on books are now right before their eyes. What better way to make them understand the process of eating, hibernating and giving birth of animals if not to show it to them? A trip to the zoo is not only a fun-filled one but very educational.

Culture varies from one place to another. In travelling, children would further understand why in Korea and China, people use chopsticks instead of fork and knife, why in the western countries, children have to be on their own when they turn eighteen, or what are the various ways for Asian children to show their respect to their elders, among many others.

For language aspect, travelling opens up opportunities for children to hear new and odd languages. Not only do they learn new terms each time they travel, they would also understand the origin and uses of each word, thus expanding their vocabulary.

Minor reasons would be, during the process of roaming around places, the parents and children also have enough bonding moments to share. Children learn much from the other side of their parents which they don't normally see if they're at home. In cases where in parents bring their kids with them to work; these kids learn much not only on how their parents work but also on who their parents are when at work.

Exposure is one of the best ways to enlighten and educate our children on the world we live in as well as it is also one way to show our love for them.