Cherith Dayrith

one of my nanay’s during the time i have lived my life as a revolutionary was Ka Eryll, Ka Leony or Ka Isis..but she was Ka Eryll during the time we were together..

i haven’t made any poem for her yet but i’d really love to.i’m not just emotionally prepared yet, the years that we’ve spent together was more like a lifetime for me. she shared much of her knowledge and has continued to shower me with the comfort and love a comrade could give.

i did cry when i’ve learn she was gone.i did blame myself for not looking for her when the encounter happened. i didn’t know i should have been there for her upon hearing the first shot..i regretted much not telling her i cared for her.

i found this poem in the net written only for her.

Panambitan / Elehiya para kay Ka Leony