lately, i haven't had the chance to update much on this and work and too much work has taken toll on my mind and body. waking up at around 5 or 6 in the morning, depending on how late or early i slept the night before, then i have to be in school by 7 or as long as not half past seven or else, another deduction would be placed on my salary for the month.

i didn't know teaching was a very tedious task and i mean really tiring. aside from talking and talking all day, i still have to prepare not lesson plans but activities that would ignite my students' interests. i am not organized when it comes to paper works but with this kind of profession, i have to.

last week, i was given a student as my tutee, which adds another hour to my stay in school. and less hour for my rest. but my day doesn't end there, i still have to run to ortigas after that for another raket. i normally get home late at night.

i'm not enjoying it but i don't loathe myself for doing this. i just love the fact that i feel useful,hehe