I love the fact that my name sounds androgynous. I’ve gotten used to people asking me to repeat my name, either they didn't get it right the first time or they just wanted to make sure they heard me right. Some like it and I love it. Others find it unique and i smile at the thought of it.

For more than a decade, I’ve been trying to hide or keep my real name away from the prying eyes of the military but now that my priorities have changed, I still try to keep it unknown for some reasons. I remember one time, I was at a cafe, I overheard the cashier asking the customer for her name. The woman was taken aback and asked “para saan?” only to realize that she’ll be called once her coffee is ready. Still, it’s a normal reaction right? If a stranger asks for your name, you need to ask why first or better yet, give another name which i, as a rule do if I know I would never get to see that person again, hehe Sounds mean? I don’t think so..


i've got to's ringing..hehe