What reminds me of CELTA? Here are some:

* TTT (teacher talk time) like I had a lot of TTT! Well, I talk a lot I know. Have you met a teacher who doesn't talk a lot? Doubt it,hehe

* STT (student talk time) I forgot it's not me! The spotlight should be on the students.. :c

* Elicitation. Ooopps..Don't say the word.Ask the students!

* CCQ (concept checking questions) Ask them! Nope, not the usual Do you understand but questions that allow the students to give their understanding of the lesson.

* PPP (Presentation Practice Production) It's presenting the language (grammar structure, uses, phonemes included,etc.) practising it in a controlled way and freer practice in the end or production. It works but teachers shouldn't strictly adhere to this.

*TP (Teaching Practice) I may not be the lucky last but being first on the list has given me lots of advantages on handling the lesson and time!:D

*Feedback. I love criticisms - positive or negative as long as there's a basis for it.

And here are some that will stick with me for ages:

* I shouldn't have done that! :D We had a lot of practice on this!

* The elephant in the room! That's one of Ric's favorite lines,hehe

* Those bloody Americans! They've turned nouns into verbs! Like the noun network now has a verb: networking! Eto lang masasabi ko, Get a life Aussies! Kasalanan ko ba kung mga Kano ang sumakop sa Pinas at hindi Britons?

* Native speakers vs. Non-Native speakers? As my mama used to say, Life's not fair!