Hitting The Road With A Baby

Who says travelling with a baby would be really arduous? Not for me and my bub. I've been on a ten-twelve hour bus ride with my baby for a few times already and everything turned out fine. The key word here is PREPARATION. Plan and pack everything you and your baby would need on the trip. The essentials for my baby are 5 nappies,1 pack of wipes,1 box of disposable liners for his bottle, 1 litre baby's water,milk formula already placed on 3-4 bottles,1 hand sanitizer (I bought mine from Tiny Buds),2 extra shirts, 1 jacket,2 extra shorts/pants, 1 extra pair of socks and any toy to entertain him when he starts to get fussy. I'm lucky my baby sleeps most of the time. I don't usually bring a change mat for him since I've got a baby sling which can also be used as such. 

As for me, I only need my baby sling, alcohol, tissue paper, my mobile phone, cash, jacket and my pashmina or malong to keep us warm when it turns really cold at the wee hours of the morning. 

All of baby's essentials and mine are on a baby bag which I find it easier to open and close. The extra pockets for baby's bottles to avoid leaking milk or water are also useful. Though backpacks are easier to carry, I still find them a bit heavy and huge, not suited for my built.