Dear Anak,

It’s been a year anak! :D Today, you’re no longer a baby but a very bubbly toddler.  Over the past 12 months, I've witnessed how you've developed from a tiny blob into becoming a huge wave. Yes, a wave that rocks mama’s heart whenever you coo, smile, laugh and blink like a speck has gotten into your eyes.  You've become so active now that carrying you around has become tiresome, you squirm a lot on mama’s arms if not push mama real hard so you’ll slide on my legs down to the floor. You've also mastered the art of dancing using your shoulders and arms only (hope the legs and bum would start wiggling soon too).  You've also learned to communicate well with gestures. What used to be a usual clapping has a new meaning to you now. You clap to show your appreciation and happiness. And you point a lot too! You have a fascination for lights and anything that lights up. (if they’re any different)

Walking is already a part of you too. Those tiny steps you do are overwhelming. It creates a stir in a crowd! Every step you do creates a loud cheering noise, as if you've won the piston cup. LOL  Climbing followed next and this scares me a lot. You see my dear, you've become a real handful now but that’s ok. It’s all part of having a baby that’s as handful as his mama LOL again!

Turning one also means a time for you to share dinner with us. It’s like saying you can eat anything that mama wants to eat. :D This anak has made me say “hay salamat”, not because mama is too lazy to prepare a separate meal for you but it made things easier for both of us.

We’re very lucky that the only visits to your pedia are for vaccinations and for cough & colds. Which is why we’re never used to seeing you sick, a slight fever creates panic and stresses us out – really! Crying was also never you! You cried so hard upon coming out of mama’s tummy but rarely the rest of your first year. But lately, you've realized that crying can get things done your way and since, we’re so not used to loud noises coming from you, we fret and give in easily to your demands. I hope that won’t make you brattier than mama. :D

Happy birthday! Cheers! I love you!