The Simpsons

I don't remember a particular cartoon character that I like the most. I watch cartoons randomly. Whatever is on TV as long as I like it, I'll stay and keep watching. But I do remember liking Bart and Homer Simpson, but not really like like. Back then, I find it cool that they were mean and funny. And their family seems to be so different, like having pizza most of the time or they're always on the go. I love that. I also love Marge's hair. No one can sport a hair like that but her. LOL 

Nowadays, there are cartoon series that has the same theme as The Simpsons but no one beats the original. I still prefer The Simpsons over them. But if I have to choose a cartoon character for my child,I'll definitely not recommend The Simpsons. Maybe I'll go for Upin and Ipin or Phineas and Ferb. 

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