The Long Road With You

I had my seatbelt on and you had yours ready. This is gonna be a long drive, i felt it from the moment we agreed to go on a drive.fr0m the lo0ks in our faces,we b0th kn0w where we were going, no questions needed. maps,GPS nor specific directions from other people were neither necessary. we didn't even bother checking on the weather update. all we know it's going t0 be much fun.

We're off to a good start - really smooth. the sun was up high but n0t scorching h0t. i could feel the wind as it touches our chubby cheeks. ahhh..n0thing completes my day than this - y0u and me headed towards what seemed to be infinity.

The long chats we had cover mostly politics and about us. the scenic views that we see along the way are captured in every single shot. they also provoke another good chat on environment,indigenous people, tourism,among others.

Once in a while,we stop f0r a much needed rest at any restaurant or cafe that would suit our palette, that is, where steaming-hot pancit canton, kape,with lots of milk in it, and pandesal could be found. I love the fact that we were so simple with our preferences. we both agree that coffee nowadays are way too commercialized (though sometimes i am guilty of indulging in it) and patronizing them would mean victory on the part of the capitalists,hehehe

As soon as darkness sets in, we opt to stay not in a plush hotel but in a simple room with clean sheets and bathroom and top priority would be security. we were like backpackers. not much vanity. the things that we need are in one huge backpack. you never even cared if i wear makeup or not. my face as you kept on saying, is enough to satisfy your deep-set eyes.